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Meet the team

Rose daily

Church Secretary

Rose is the welcoming face and the organized heartbeat of our community. With grace, efficiency, and a servant's heart, she plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of our church operations.

(856) 423-0829

joyce skinner


we are blessed to have a talented and passionate Church Organist, Joyce, who brings the gift of music to our worship services. With skillful hands and a heart for worship, she enriches our worship experience, leading us in melodic praise and creating a sacred atmosphere.

(856) 423-0289

Joyce Skinner 01.JPG

Our Leadership Team

We are led by a dedicated and passionate team of individuals who are committed to shepherding our church community and guiding us on our spiritual journey. Our Leadership Team consists of individuals who have been called to serve and provide visionary leadership, ensuring that our church remains rooted in its mission and values.

George Schaub_edited.jpg

George Schaub III

Trustees Chair


Bill Schober

Church Council Chair

Harold Doty.jpg

Harold Doty

Lay Leader & Lay Member to Annual Conference

Harry Mullen.jpg

Harry Mullen

Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair

Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 2.09.32 PM.png

Betty-Jo Zeno

Sunday School Director

Ruth Still_edited.jpg

Ruth Still

Financial Committee Chair

Carol Mullen.jpg

Carol Mullen

Church Treasurer

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