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Connect & Thrive with our Community

One of the key aspects of a church community is the sense of fellowship and caring relationships that are fostered within it. People in the community come together to celebrate one another's joys, support each other in times of struggle, and share in the ups and downs of life. This support network provides a sense of belonging and enables individuals to walk through life's challenges with the love, encouragement, and practical assistance of their church family.


Friendship Seekers

(Women's Group)

Our goal as Friendship Seekers is to faithfully support one another and continue our community outreach to make disciples of Jesus Christ by Sharing God’s love and His Word. 


Men's Group Breakfast

In this group, we aim to create a space where men can connect, share their faith journeys, and support one another in becoming the men God has called us to be. We understand that each of us faces unique challenges and responsibilities in our lives, and this breakfast provides an opportunity to gather as a community of like-minded men, seeking to grow in our relationships with God and with one another.

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